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Minecraft Pe 1.0 0 Apk Free Download Android 2016 [REPACK] 🔔

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How to Download Minecraft PE 1.0.0 APK for Android in 2016

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world, with millions of players creating and exploring endless worlds. But did you know that you can also play Minecraft on your Android device? And not just any version, but the legendary Minecraft PE 1.0.0, which was released in December 2016 and introduced many new features and improvements.

In this article, we will show you what Minecraft PE 1.0.0 is, why you should download it for your Android device in 2016, what features it offers, and how to download and install it safely and easily.


What is Minecraft PE 1.0.0?

Minecraft PE 1.0.0 is the official name of the first major update for Minecraft Pocket Edition, which is the mobile version of Minecraft for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 devices. It was released on December 19, 2016, and marked the end of the alpha development phase of the game.

Minecraft PE 1.0.0 brought many changes and additions to the game, such as the Ender Update, which added the End dimension, the Ender Dragon boss, the End City, and new blocks and items; the Winter Update, which added igloos, polar bears, new mobs, and new biomes; and the Interface Update, which improved the game menu, settings, inventory, crafting, achievements, and leaderboards.

Why download Minecraft PE 1.0.0 APK for Android in 2016?

If you are a fan of Minecraft and you want to play it on your Android device, then downloading Minecraft PE 1.0.0 APK for Android in 2016 is a great idea. Here are some reasons why:

  • You can enjoy all the new features and improvements that Minecraft PE 1.0.0 offers, such as exploring the End dimension, fighting the Ender Dragon, finding igloos and polar bears, crafting new blocks and items, and customizing your game settings.
  • You can play with other players who have the same version of the game, either online or locally via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • You can access all the official servers and realms that support Minecraft PE 1.0.0.
  • You can save your progress and achievements on your device or on your Xbox Live account.
  • You can download and install additional content such as skins, texture packs, maps, mods, and add-ons from various sources.

Features of Minecraft PE 1.0.0

Ender Update

The Ender Update is one of the biggest features of Minecraft PE 1.0.0, as it adds a whole new dimension to the game: the End. The End is a dark and mysterious place where you can find strange creatures, structures, and items.

Ender Dragon

The E nder Dragon is the final boss of the game, and the most powerful mob in Minecraft. It lives in the End, and guards the exit portal. To summon the Ender Dragon, you need to find and activate the End portal, which is hidden in a stronghold. To activate the portal, you need to place 12 eyes of ender in the portal frames. Once you enter the End, you will see the Ender Dragon flying around and shooting fireballs at you. To defeat the Ender Dragon, you need to destroy the end crystals that heal it, and then attack its head with your weapons. When you kill the Ender Dragon, it will drop a dragon egg and a large amount of experience. You can also use the exit portal to return to the overworld, or explore the End further.

End City and Shulker

The End City is a rare structure that can be found in the outer islands of the End, after defeating the Ender Dragon. The End City is made of purpur blocks and end stone bricks, and contains various rooms and towers. The End City also has a lot of loot, such as enchanted armor, weapons, tools, elytra, and shulker shells. The elytra is a special item that allows you to glide in the air when equipped. The shulker shells are used to craft shulker boxes, which are portable chests that keep their contents when broken.

The shulker is a new mob that spawns in the End City. It is a purple box-like creature that can attach to any surface. The shulker can also teleport and shoot projectiles that levitate you in the air. The shulker is hostile to players and other mobs, and will drop shulker shells when killed.

Chorus Flower and Purpur Block

The chorus flower and purpur block are new blocks that can be found in the End. The chorus flower is a plant that grows on end stone, and can be harvested with an axe. The chorus flower can be planted on end stone to grow more chorus plants, or cooked in a furnace to make popped chorus fruit. The popped chorus fruit can be crafted into purpur blocks, which are decorative blocks that can be used to build structures.

Winter Update

The Winter Update is another feature of Minecraft PE 1.0.0, as it adds new mobs, biomes, and structures to the game. The Winter Update also makes the game more festive and snowy, as it was released during the holiday season.

Igloo and Polar Bear

The igloo is a new structure that can be found in snowy biomes, such as ice plains and ice spikes. The igloo is made of snow blocks and ice blocks, and contains a bed, a furnace, a crafting table, and a redstone torch. Some igloos also have a secret basement, which can be accessed by breaking the carpet. The basement contains a brewing stand, a cauldron, a chest with loot, and two villagers: one normal and one zombie. You can cure the zombie villager with a splash potion of weakness and a golden apple, and trade with them afterwards.

The polar bear is a new mob that spawns in snowy biomes. It is a large white bear that can be passive or aggressive depending on its mood. If you approach a polar bear with cubs, it will attack you to protect them. If you attack a polar bear without cubs, it will also fight back. However, if you leave a polar bear alone, it will not bother you. The polar bear can drop fish or raw salmon when killed.

Stray and Husk

The stray and husk are new variants of skeletons and zombies that spawn in specific biomes. The stray spawns in snowy biomes, while the husk spawns in desert biomes. They have different appearances and abilities than their normal counterparts.

The stray is a skeleton that wears torn clothes and has blue eyes. It shoots arrows that inflict slowness on its target. The stray can drop bones, arrows of slowness, or bows when killed.

The husk is a zombie that has brown skin and wears ragged clothes. It does not burn in sunlight like normal zombies do. It also inflicts hunger on its target when it attacks. The husk can drop rotten flesh or iron ingots when killed.

Snowy Grass and Ice Spikes

The snowy grass and ice spikes are new blocks that can be found in snowy biomes. The snowy grass is a variant of grass that has snow on top of it. It can be obtained by using shears on it or by using silk touch on grass blocks with snow layers on them.

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