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Motolitik: The Turkish Motovlogger Who Rides an R6

If you are a fan of motorcycles, speed, and adrenaline, you might have heard of Motolitik. He is a Turkish motovlogger who rides an R6 and shares his adventures on YouTube. In this article, we will tell you more about who he is, what he does, and why he is so popular.


Who is Motolitik?

Motolitik is the online alias of a young man from Izmir, Turkey. He started his YouTube channel in 2017 and has since gained over 280,000 subscribers and over 40 million views. He is one of the most popular motovloggers in Turkey and has a loyal fan base that supports him.

What is a motovlog?

A motovlog is a video blog that features a motorcycle rider. The rider usually wears a helmet camera or mounts a camera on their bike and records their rides, commentary, and experiences. Motovlogs can be informative, entertaining, or educational, depending on the style and personality of the rider.

Why is Motolitik popular?

Motolitik is popular because he has a unique and engaging style of motovlogging. He rides an R6, which is a powerful and fast bike that attracts many viewers. He also does various challenges, stunts, and experiments with his bike, such as riding in the snow, racing with other bikes or cars, or burning his tires. He often interacts with other riders, police officers, or random people on the road, creating funny and unexpected situations. He also has a friendly and humorous personality that makes his videos enjoyable to watch.

Motolitik’s R6

What is an R6?

An R6 is a model of motorcycle produced by Yamaha. It is a sport bike that belongs to the YZF series. It was first introduced in 1999 and has since undergone several upgrades and revisions. The current version of the R6 has a 599 cc liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine that can produce up to 122 horsepower and 65 Nm of torque. It can reach a top speed of over 260 km/h and accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in about 3 seconds. It also has various features such as traction control, ABS, quick shifter, slipper clutch, and ride modes.

How does Motolitik use his R6?

Motolitik uses his R6 for various purposes. He mainly uses it for motovlogging, but he also uses it for commuting, traveling, or having fun. He often rides his R6 on different roads, such as highways, city streets, mountain roads, or tunnels. He sometimes modifies his R6 by changing its exhaust system, removing its silencer, or adding stickers or accessories.

What are the features and benefits of an R6?

An R6 has many features and benefits that make it an attractive bike for motovloggers and riders in general. Some of them are:

  • It has a sleek and aerodynamic design that reduces wind resistance and improves performance.
  • It has a lightweight and compact frame that enhances maneuverability and handling.
  • It has a powerful and responsive engine that delivers smooth and fast acceleration.
  • It has a digital LCD instrument panel that displays various information such as speed, rpm, fuel level, gear position, and temperature.
  • It has a comfortable and ergonomic seat that reduces fatigue and improves riding posture.
  • It has a high-quality suspension system that absorbs shocks and vibrations and provides stability and comfort.
  • It has a reliable and efficient braking system that ensures safety and control.

An R6 is a bike that offers a thrilling and satisfying riding experience for motovloggers and riders who love speed, power, and style.

Motolitik’s Adventures

How does Motolitik create his motovlogs?

Motolitik creates his motovlogs by using a GoPro camera that he attaches to his helmet or his bike. He also uses a microphone that he connects to his camera or his phone. He records his rides, his voice, and the sounds of his bike and the environment. He then edits his videos using software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas. He adds music, effects, subtitles, or annotations to make his videos more appealing and informative. He uploads his videos to his YouTube channel and shares them with his fans.

What are some of his most memorable videos?

Motolitik has made many videos that have impressed, amused, or inspired his viewers. Some of his most memorable videos are:

  • R6 vs Lamborghini Huracan: In this video, Motolitik races with a Lamborghini Huracan on a highway. He manages to keep up with the supercar and even overtakes it at some points. He shows off his skills and his bike’s performance in this thrilling video.
  • R6 in the Snow: In this video, Motolitik rides his R6 in the snow. He demonstrates how to ride a bike in slippery and cold conditions. He also makes snow angels, throws snowballs, and slides on the ice. He shows that riding a bike in the winter can be fun and challenging.
  • R6 Burnout Challenge: In this video, Motolitik does a burnout challenge with his R6. He tries to burn his tires as much as possible by revving his engine and spinning his wheels. He creates a lot of smoke and noise in this video. He also shows the condition of his tires after the challenge and how much they have worn out.

How does he interact with his fans and other riders?

Motolitik interacts with his fans and other riders in various ways. He often reads and responds to the comments on his videos. He also posts updates and photos on his Instagram account. He sometimes does live streams or Q&A sessions on his YouTube channel. He also attends events or meets with other motovloggers or riders. He collaborates with them on some videos or challenges. He is friendly and respectful to everyone he meets and appreciates their support.


Summary of the main points

Motolitik is a Turkish motovlogger who rides an R6 and shares his adventures on YouTube. He is popular because he has a unique and engaging style of motovlogging. He rides an R6, which is a powerful and fast bike that offers many features and benefits. He creates various videos that showcase his skills, challenges, experiments, or interactions with others. He is one of the most influential and entertaining motovloggers in Turkey.

Call to action for the readers

If you want to watch Motolitik’s videos, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel here. You can also follow him on Instagram here. You will not regret it if you are a fan of motorcycles, speed, and adrenaline. You will also learn a lot from him about riding, motovlogging, or life in general. You will also have fun watching him do amazing things with his R6.


  • Q: How old is Motolitik?
  • A: Motolitik is 25 years old as of 2023.
  • Q: What color is Motolitik’s R6?
  • A: Motolitik’s R6 is black with red accents.
  • Q: How much does an R6 cost?
  • A: An R6 costs around $12,000 USD as of 2023.
  • Q: How long does Motolitik’s battery last?
  • A: Motolitik’s battery lasts for about 2 hours of continuous recording.
  • Q: How can I become a motovlogger like Motolitik?
  • A: To become a motovlogger like Motolitik, you need to have a motorcycle, a camera, a microphone, and a passion for riding. You also need to have some editing skills and a YouTube channel. You need to create original and engaging content that showcases your personality, style, and experiences. You also need to interact with your audience and other motovloggers and grow your fan base.


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